Pesky Critters provides quality service and expertise at a reasonable cost, while remaining abreast of the latest pest control products and methods, as well as state and federal regulations, and guidelines from Environmental Protection Agency. We provide a comprehensive array of services, tailored to your specific needs and the requirements of the setting. Each situation is assessed to determine the safest and most efficient method and products to remedy the pest problem. Sometimes the problem is fixed with minimal or no chemical application.

We will thoroughly inspect your home or business. The inspection will identify your particular pest problem, conducive conditions for pests, evaluate structural and sanitation issues, and will include recommendation of treatments to prevent and /or eliminate pests.

Initial Pest Service
Prevention, elimination, and/or exclusion of pests in residential settings. This service includes identifying the pests that are calling your residence home. We then treat for those pests with directed chemical application inside the home and apply a perimeter barrier around the exterior of the home to prevent insects from re-entering the structure. This includes 1 callback within 30 days if you are continuing to have persistent pest issues.

Quarterly Pest Control
After performing an Initial service on your home we can offer you a Quarterly Pest Service at a reduced rate. This warranties your home from many of our areas insects. We perform a perimeter treatment every 3 months to keep those “Pesky Critters” out of your home. In between those treatments if you identify a pest issue we will come back and retreat that area at no additional charge. Treating the inside of your home is optional with this program. When we do the perimeter treatment if you want the interior treated as well just let us know and we will at no additional charge. Making this service optional allows you to not interrupt your busy schedule to be at home for the service.

Initial Rodent Control
Battling mice in your home? Let us come out and locate the entry points and set traps to ,ake them vanish. We can seal the entry points using our exclusion tools and eliminate the mice inside the home at the same time.

Perimeter Treatment
Prevents pests from establishing a foothold at the base of your structure. Treatments include the base of the building and other key areas at the perimeter of a home or business.

We have programs for in and out treatments or outside only. We will customize to fit your needs. For example, many of our customers are served quarterly. The application in cold weather involves a good inspection indoors with treatment if needed. Some of our customers are 2 times a year, but we also service customers on an “as needed” basis.

Quarterly Rodent Control
After eliminating the rodents in your house the next step is to reduce to population around the exterior of your house. This will prevent mice from being a continual nuisance to you throughout the year. We place Rodent Bait Boxes around the perimeter of the home and service them on a quarterly basis. These boxes are pet and childproof to reduce the risk of anything other than rodents coming in contact with the bait that is placed inside. This service can be by itself or included with Quarterly Pest Control for a reduced rate on the combined services.

Termite Protection
We offer 2 options for dealing with or preventing termites from invading your home. We can do a liquid perimeter barrier that kills the termites as they travel through it to feed on your house. This method is initially higher priced but over the long term will be cheaper than termite bait stations.

We also offer a lower chemical impact method by using termite bait stations to attract the termites into the station where we then place a bait that will eliminate the colony as they feed on the bait. These stations are placed approximately every 10 feet around the perimeter of your home. This is a lower initial cost than Liquid Treatment but need monitored quarterly for a small fee. After a few years the cost will be higher overall than a liquid treatment.

Some of the advantages of having Pesky Critters, Inc. handle your pest control needs are:

  • Locally and family owned.
  • Use of environmentally friendly products to ensure your safety, and the safety of your family, customers, pets, as the case may be.
  • Reliability: We will be there the day we say we will and do the job we agree to do.
  • We stay in front of industry findings by attending yearly pest meeting to learn about the newest and best ways to handle upcoming problems.