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Nick Copeland
Nick Copeland

Service Technician

Nick joined Pesky Critters early in 2020 from a background in manufacturing. He says his wife encouraged him to look into an different industry and he applied for a position in the service sector not expecting to get a job.  He has been a hard worker for the company and strives to learn everything he can to better himself.

One of his favorite memories on the job is watching the simple joy of a special needs child.  The child was very curious about what Nick was doing at his home and proceeded to follow him from area to area watching him treat and asking questions.  Nick pointed out a trail of ants to the boy and the pleasure and surprise of the child has become a fond memory for Nick.

When he isn’t servicing houses, Nick is spending time with his family and kids.  He enjoys eating hot wings and is a diehard St. Louis Blues fan.