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Rita Bartolomeo
Rita Bartolomeo

Office Manager

Rita also grew up in the pest control family. Some of her fondest memories are going with her dad (Dennis) to service fly systems in horse barns.  She spent a lot of time walking the aisles and watching the horses.  Some of her not-so-great memories are sitting in front of a computer and helping her mother input the very tall piles of service invoices before everything became digital.

She did not want to be involved in pest control and went to school to be a science teacher.  When she had her first child the family brought her back into the company part time to work.  Part time turned into full-time, and Rita is now sharing ownership of the company with her mom and brother.  She still gets plenty of practice teaching science, but now focuses more on the entomology branch of science and teaches the customers instead of high school students.

Some day she swears she will teach a little more, but for now she enjoys watching her boys grow and managing the office.