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Sandra Goins
Sandra Goins

Co-owner/Office Mom

Sandra started Pesky Critters with her husband, Dennis, in 1990.  At that point, Dennis had a full-time position as an asphalt paver operator and ran pest routes part-time and on the weekends.  She ran the office side of the business scheduling appointments, processing payments, and ran routes with Dennis. When Dennis was at his other job or got sick, she would do what she could on her own. In 2004 Dennis ended up in the hospital with heart surgery.  She pulled on her boots, loaded the truck, and did all of the jobs for him.  In 2014 when Dennis got sick with pancreatic cancer, she and their son, Jeremy, managed the business.  She would sit in the hospital with a laptop and would field phone calls and schedule appointments with Dennis beside her between treatments.  Then would run routes with Jeremy or in Dennis’ truck when they were at home.

Now Sandra has three precious grandchildren and has hung up her backpack sprayer to float between helping in the office and taking care of her grandchildren.  She is always available for questions, advice, and a meal run when the office gets backed up.  She will always be a valued and treasured part of the office staff.