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The termites we have in East Central Missouri are subterranean, meaning that they live in the ground and feed on wood. A single colony can contain thousands of termites. Swarming season is usually March 15-July 4th and is the way a mature colony disperses termites to start new colonies.

These swarming termites are the only ones that have wings. They attempt to crawl to daylight and use wind and air movements to carry them to potential nesting sites. From there, they mate and begin new colonies. Ants also have a similar process of dispersal at similar times of the year. So there is frequently confusion as to whether or not the swarming bugs are ants or termites.

How to tell the difference

Capture a few of the swarmers and put them in a container with some rubbing alchohol and cover with a lid (just in case we need to verify for you whether they are ants or termites)

What to look for:

Ant Swarmers Termite Swarmers
4 wings (2 long, 2 short) 4 wings (all same length, cloudy, and 1/2 inch long)
Pinched Waist Straight waist
Elbowed antennae Body is dark and 1/4 inch long


Termites that aren’t swarming are approximately 1/4″ long with no wings and are creamy white. If you’re still unsure about which swarmer you have, be sure to have a professional inspect the insect.

If it is determined that you have termites, we have an effective and safe means to exterminate them which could include baiting and/or liquid treatments. A warranty is available with most treatments.

Ask us about our treatment with an environmentally-smart termiticide, Altraset. Altraset is the first liquid termiticide to be registered as “reduced risk” by the EPA and provides immediate structural protection (termites stop feeding within hours) and a long-lasting residual protection.

We at Pesky Critters have the options and knowledge to solve your termite problems or prevent the problem from ever occurring.

We offer:

  • Pre-construction treatments
  • Post-construction preventative treatments
  • Post-construction remedial treatments

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