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Rodent Control

Rodents can be extremely frustrating. They are like an unexpected house guest who moves in without permission and takes over. You may see signs such as droppings, gnawed on food or stored products, the little beasts themselves or hear squeaking, gnawing or scurrying. In our area, field mice are the most common rodent found near or in homes.

The services we offer to take care of these rodents range from interior trapping to year-round control. The type of service needed will be dependent on the infestation level in the home. We always recommend a rodent protection plan that includes rodent bait stations placed around the exterior of the home. These bait stations would help to suppress the population year-round. Once control is established, homes that are protected by one of our rodent service packages have a warranty. This warranty allows you to call us if a rodent problem arises between routine services.

Even if you do not have a current mouse problem inside, mice can still be found in the areas surrounding your home or business and one of our rodent packages is a great way to prevent problems in the future.