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Termite Control
Termite Control

Missouri is home to eastern subterranean termites.  These little bugs can do thousands of dollars of unseen damage to your home. The damage they do may not always be visible until years later so getting in front of them with some type of treatment is key. 

Pesky Critters offers multiple treatment options for termites. We can do full liquid soil treatments that give you a protective band around your home that will wipe out any termites traveling through the treatment zone.  Another option is bait stations which monitor and attract the termites to the station where they feed and take bait back to the colony, killing them in a short time. Both methods are effective and both have pros and cons.  We can help you make an educated decision on which would be most effective for your home.

Building a new house?  Call us and have a pretreatment completed on your home as it is built.  This will give your home termite protection starting from day 1.  Pretreats are normally performed before the garage and basement flatwork is done and then the exterior perimeter is done when the finish grade is completed.